Juan Mauro Cárdenas Madero

For Kaizen / Lean and process quality improvement (Quality Clinic) I had the opportunity to learn philosophy, methodologies and tools from expert persons like T. Valencia, Y. Ito, S. Niwa, S. Niino & C. Nakao. Focused on the process wastes (Muda) I have been directly involved in process improvement in assembly of electronic components (up to final assembly), ESD control, LCD screen repair, cell phone refurbish, etc. getting excellent results as reducing 50% operation time and getting 100% quality and on time deliveries designing cell layouts, one piece flow and with team members involvement.

For Six Sigma tools application I learned from Dr. M. Kiemele, Dr. R. Berdine (from Six Sigma Air Academy), J.J. Perez and others, so the team can get to root causes and practical solutions to situations in several processes like: PFEMA for computer DY manufacturing process, DOE for wave solder problem, root cause analysis for magnetic transformers issue, anodizing chemical lines variation and aerospace metal mechanical assemblies, achieving excellent results, up to the level of being used as benchmark for US, France and England teams also to get an industry award for a process improvement in 2011 (local industry association award) and recognized as Quality Sensei by getting better quality than Japan in a process start up.

For quality systems the training and implementation of ISO 9001, TL 9000, AS 9100, Nadcap, DGAC, SER and CTPAT and specific customer requirements in several companies for 20+ years, gave me a deep understanding of the adaptation and flexibility needed to fulfil the requirements in a practical way and at same time focused to meet all customer and corporate expectations.

  • MBA Strategic Planning-UNEA / Mexicali, BC (2015-2017)

  • MBA Finances-UNISON Hermosillo, Son. / (1990-1992)

  • Electromechanical Engineer, major in Electronic Systems - UAG / Guadalajara, Jal (1978 -1981)

  • Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence - ASQ (American Society for Quality)

  • Six Sigma Black Belt / ACE / SPC – Six Sigma Air Academy (Sony) / San Diego, CA / UTC

  • Kaizen / Lean Manufacturing - Otis (Toyota) / Nogales, Son ; JIT Institute (Schlage) / San Jose, CA

  • ISO 9000, TL 9000, AS9100 - Leviton/ NY; Sony/ Mexicali, BC; Teleplan - Reynosa, Tam; Goodrich Chulavista, CA & Charlotte, NC

  • EHS – SEP / IMSS Nogales, Son ; Diamond Bar, CA

  • Several courses like: QFD / Security, CO; Project Management / San Francisco, CA;

  • TV Safety / San Diego, CA

  • Magnetic yoke adjustments for TV / Motomiya, Japan

  • MS Excel/ San Diego, CA

Total of 35+ years experience working in several activities as: land surveying, hydraulics, power hydroelectric dam repair, design and manufacture of electronic PCB, commercial power installations, computer programming, manufacturing of electronic devices (cellphones, TV, power sources, elevator controllers), manufacturing of door locks; purchasing area, supplier audits, quality systems internalaudits, training area, calibration and metrology lab, refurbish of electronic equipment (computers, monitors, cell phones, TV, powersupplies, PCB), customer relations, production supervision, company certification for UL, CSA, NOM, JIS, ISO9001, TL9000, AS9100, DGAC, CTPAT, ROHS, Nadcap (heat treatment, NDT (DPI & UT) and chemical processes), and specific customer and corporaterequirements.

Implementation of improvement projects based on Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles, with excellent results (up to reducing 50% total cycle time - removing one entire shift out of two in operation), customer corrective actions, process quality RTY improvement.

Professor of Mechanical Hermosillo Technological Institute (heat transfer, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits) and Conalep Technical HighSchool (computer use, quality circles).

Experience with start-up companies, as well as large established enterprises operation, from 5 up to 13,000 persons in one site. 20+ years as Quality Manager in several companies (aerospace - nacelle, electronic – TV, controllers, phones, metal mechanic – die cast,stamping, chemical processes), and 3+ year as Director of Quality in refurbish cell phone company for USA market.

Consulting for Productivity and Qualictivity Systems by 18 years in several companies and also providing lectures and teaching seminars(open to the public) in local universities and industry associations, focused in ISO9001, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Author of the book TPQ – Total Productivity & Qualictivity (PROCAL – Productividad y Calidad Total, Spanish version), focus in ISO9000, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and general administrative concepts with simple concepts.

Registrado como Agente Capacitador Externo en la STPS, con 35 cursos registrados.